Business Day: iMfolozi coal mines raise concerns



Andrew Zaloumis. Picture: ARNOLD PRONTO

THE coal, sand and mineral mines of KwaZulu-Natal — including illegal operations — have long worried environmental groups, who cite destruction of ecologically sensitive areas like St Lucia and the iMfolozi reserve on the North Coast.

Provincial and national government have the power to act. But, say environmental activists, they hardly lift a finger.

There are suspicions that local politicians give in to the promise of lucrative shareholdings.

The source of current concern is a planned coal mine on the southern border of the iMfolozi game reserve and an existing, partly illegal coal mine on the western border of the reserve. Read more……..

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  1. We need to preserve our planet and stop more destructive commercial actions, such as these coal mines. We only have one planet, and we are causing so much damage, all caused by greed, that soon we won’t be able to repair it

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