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A BIG thanks all who have signed the Avaaz petition to stop the Fuleni coal mine. We are well on the way to reaching 52 000 signatures. Please encourage others to sign. To date, 770 rhino were killed this year for their horn. If the Fuleni mine goes ahead, rhino in the iMfolozi park will be at great risk from poachers.

Please support the dedicated Global Environmental Trust (GET) team by making a donation to Save Our iMfolozi Wilderness, to protect our rhino, and to support the Fuleni communities in their stand for a healthy environment for themselves, their children and future generations.

We urgently need funds for exchange visits for residents from the four affected Fuleni communities who have been misinformed by Ibutho Coal’s promises and understandably support the proposed mine. Our exchange visits offer people an opportunity to speak to Somkhele residents who have been living next to an open cast coal mine since 2007 – a powerful way of exposing the shocking reality of having a coal mine on your doorstep. People are encouraged to gather their own evidence and learn what happens to all the promises after mining starts. Invariably Fuleni residents return to their communities to tell a very different story.

GET’s Wish List for our Fuleni-Somkhele exchange visits:

  • 15 to 25-seater taxi or bus for transporting residents

  • Laptop

  • Smart phone

  • Digital camera

  • Video camera

  • Overhead projector

GET’s Subcommittee Opposing Mining Expansion (SOME) would like to share some of our noteworthy achievements since the launch of our campaign on 1 May 2014, just over four months ago. Please check our up-to-date website for more comprehensive information:

  • Establishing the Communities and Wilderness Alliance (CAWA) comprising 70 plus organisations

  • In a week increasing registered Interested & Affected Parties (IAPs) from two to over 100

  • Commenting on the Draft and Final Scoping Reports and requesting the authorities to reject the scoping report for its failure to comply with specific requirements of the EIA Regulations

  • Three media flights over Somkhele and Fuleni with The Bateleur’s flying for the environment

  • Wide media exposure including numerous articles in local & national newspapers and magazines, Fokus TV programme, radio interviews, and featured in the international media

  • Exposé of anomalies/lack of due process in granting of Ibutho Coal’s two prospecting licences

  • Informing the Ingonyama Trust Board (ITB) of Ibutho Coal’s proposed Fuleni mine. The ITB, who are effectively the “landlords”, admitted to knowing nothing about the mine.

  • Verbal and written submissions to the Portfolio Committee for the Environment in Hluhluwe to highlight contradictions in the SA government’s support for binding international protocols to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions yet fast-tracking prospecting and mining licences for coal!

  • Challenging the competence and the legality of the provincial authorities for the condonation and “slap-on-the-wrist” fine for serious ongoing irregularities and illegal activities of the Zululand Anthracite Colliery (ZAC) over an 8 year period

  • Providing accurate information and on-going support for the affected Fuleni communities to capacitate them to make informed decisions regarding the Fuleni coal mine and their future

Overview of the Campaign

Ibutho Coal’s proposed Fuleni open cast coal mine is right on the boundary of the iMfolozi Wilderness Area, home to the biggest concentration of White Rhino in the world. It is also the heart of the Zulu kingdom since the time of King Shaka. There are already two coal mines enclosing the iMfolozi Park, ZAC and Somkhele, and the addition of Fuleni will effectively destroy the first wilderness area declared on the African continent, risk contaminating the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site, and shatter the lives of the 5000 rural people living in the concession area. Residents who stand united in opposing the mine have support from over 51 000 people who have already signed the on-line petition saying No! to the mine, and Yes! to a healthy life for iMfolozi’s neighbours. Also, Yes! to protecting rhinos from poachers who brutally hack off their horns for the market in far Eastern countries. Dr Ian Player, now 87 years old, who saved the White Rhino from extinction in the 1960s, has added his powerful voice to stop the Fuleni coal mine. He started the iMfolozi wilderness trails 60 years ago and, since then, 100 000 people have benefited from these life-transforming, healing trails, including hardened criminals. We are asking the question: Why start a new coal mine that would destroy such a valuable sacred place, when the world is meeting in Lima at the end of the year to stop the use of fossil fuels, particularly coal?

GET’s Subcommittee comprises six members:

Sheila Berry: Coordinator, media liaison & communications

Sifiso Dladla: Community capacitation, advocacy and KZN representative for Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA)

Andrew Ewing: Key communications & funding

Roger Porter: Environmental specialist

Rob Symons: Websites, social media

Chris van Heerden: Rhino matters

Advisor re. Local & District Municipality Authorities:

Nora Choveaux – ecologist & registered EAP

GET trustees:

Sinegugu Zukulu activist & advisor centrally involved in stopping the Wild Coast dune mine at Xolobeni

Sally Jackson working with events organiser and fundraiser, Jacqualien Da Souza Dias

Gareth Collingwood

Legal Representative:

Kirsten Youens

Community Legal Advisor & Liaison:

Robby Mokgalaka, GroundWork’s Coal Campaign Co-ordinator

Additional legal support:

Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) at UCT and Mining-Environment-Communities-Alliance (MECA)

Mining and Environmental Justice Community Network of South Africa (MEJCON-SA) at WITS

Community contacts:

Mr Phila Ndimande, Fuleni and Mr Gednezar Dladla, Somkhele


Dr Ian Player, now 87 years old, SA’s most famous conservationist responsible for establishing the iMfolozi Wilderness Area and saving the white rhino from extinction in the 1960s. He also initiated the World Wilderness/WILD Congresses, the longest running environmental forum globally.

Additional legal support:

Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) at UCT and Mining-Environment-Communities-Alliance (MECA)

Mining and Environmental Justice Community Network of South Africa (MEJCON-SA) at WITS

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