Zulu Wilderness: Shadow and Soul: A video

Tribute by Ronit Shapiro Rakovitzky, CEO and Founder of ‘One Nature Films’, producing the film ‘Zulu Wilderness: Shadow and Soul’ to celebrate the life of Ian Player and his friend and mentor Magqubu Ntombela.

Africa had soul, and my own soul was linked to it. In the wild places that I had worked in and tried to protect, the ancient soul of Africa still lived, and parts of people could connect with it once we dropped our veneer and our arrogance.” The late Ian Player in his book ‘Zulu Wilderness: Shadow and Soul’
Ian passed away but his soul stays with us and will sustain us and continue to revive nature in our imagination. I am forever grateful to Dr. Player for his love, generosity, for introducing me to Africa and its people and for his faith in me to tell his story on the big screen. Ngiyabonga kakhulu Madolo, go in peace, Hamba Kahle… We love you, Siyakuthanda.

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