Rewilding: A poem by Ian McCallum



Awake …

I am both predator and prey,

every sense pricked

to the signals of danger, meat, fertility

and homecoming.

Alert …

I know about narrow escapes.

I have learned from my scars

the art of rewilding … to see before I’m seen

and to listen.

Every shadow is a hiding place

for the unexpected.

Aware …

I know about space and distance …

that fine line between flight and fight:

too far for a killing …

too close for a safe retreat.

Affected …

I know about conflict.

Turning away, pretending to be dead

can save your life sometimes … and yet

there are things to protect,

to fight or die for

and to back off … refusing to draw the line

is to hide among the living dead.

Ian McCallum

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