May Peace on Earth Continue

Photo by Brenda Kühn

Photo by Brenda Kühn

By Sheila Berry

The festive season is traditionally a time of peace and goodwill. A time of joy and thanksgiving. Of families coming together to celebrate in the quiet of their homes.

If Ibutho Coal is to have its way, this is the last peaceful Christmas in 31 years for more than 4000 Fuleni residents and for the iMfolozi Wilderness Area, a sanctuary for rhinos and other wildlife. This precious legacy was left to us 58 years ago, by legendary Dr Ian Player, who established the iMfolozi Wilderness Area in 1958. He understood the peace of the African bush and its healing powers on the human psyche (Greek for Soul).

People from all walks of life, who come on five day trails, arrive on the first day exhausted and dispirited after relentless years of stress and pressure so characteristic of our modern lives. Invariably the peace and quiet and ‘spirit of the place’ weaves its healing magic and people find themselves reconnecting with an inner peace and harmony. There is the realisation that simple living brings peace and the capacity to extend feelings of good will to ourselves, to other human beings, to all living creatures and to our beneficent natural environment. One is brought face-to-face with the realisation that all life and our very survival depends on the health of our planet. So, we understand anew the real priorities of what it means to be a human being living on and from the Earth – not the hype of consumerism and acquisitiveness that is so aggressively and effectively marketed as the “successful life”.

We owe it to future generations and our beautiful planet to stop this polluting open cast coal mine. Please join and support us in saying No! to the Fuleni coal mine. We stand firm in our support for Soul not coal.

May this be a happy and peaceful time for you and your loved ones. May the peace of the iMfolozi Wilderness Area and Fuleni live on for another 58 years and beyond.

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  1. And may sanity prevail over this issue ,even though we are faced with insanity and stupidity from our so called custodians of our heritage.

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