New Year resolution for our iMfolozi Wilderness

By Sheila Berry

Most people, around this time of the year, think about introducing some positive changes into their lives with the start of the New Year, even if they don’t go so far as to formalise any New Year’s resolutions. Invariably these are associated with getting our bodies back into shape by going on a health kick that will result in a fitter, healthier, more attractive me. Many New Year’s resolutions are lucky to survive until the end of January.

The word “resolution” is associated with being resolute or showing great determination, as well as finding a solution to a problem. Never easy. If one is to stick to one’s resolutions and see them through to the end, one requires deep commitment and an enduring passion that acknowledges that these things are important to do. Amongst the people who manage to make significant changes to their eating habits and life-styles, are those confronted by some life-threatening disease like cancer or a heart attack.

Well, there is a growing team of people who are resolved to stop the polluting Fuleni coal mine on the edge of the iMfolozi Wilderness Area. The well-being of the Earth requires healthy undisturbed natural areas, areas that are not bloated with pollution, waste and man-made structures that poison the soil – the body of the Earth – and its water resources – the life-blood of the Earth that all life relies on for survival, including human beings.

Those joined together in the fight against Ibutho Coal to maintain the health of the Fuleni area and the famous iMfolozi Wilderness area, have a New Year’s resolution to rally all the resources available to us to stop the mine. We are determined and convinced that the only solution is for the Department of Mineral Resources to turn down Ibutho Coal’s mining application. This will involve court action. With Grrrowd’s support this is possible.


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