Campaigning against coal in KZN (Video)

This is a video made in Zulu to inform the Fuleni community of the experience of living next to a coal mine. It recounts the real situation faced by the communities around the Somkhele mine.
Subtitles are in English


  1. Excelent vidio , explains the problems of indifference of the mineing companies and the impact on the local people and their way of life

  2. The arrogance of the mining corporations is totally unacceptable. They trample without thought on people, wildlife, and natural wilderness areas, and damage the entire environment. Their claims of benefit to the area, and promises of low impact, are not to be trusted. And their assumption that people will be taken in and persuaded to accept, let alone welcome, the “development”, is insulting.

    This part of South Africa is precious beyond price. So is its social and cultural history and its unique wildlife heritage. It belongs to all South Africans, and no mining company has the right to impose this monstrosity on anyone, just for financial gain. The only thing uglier than a coal mine, is the mind of the people who are responsible for putting it in an area of such beauty and cultural importance.

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