Tribute to Jim Feely

Jim Feeley

By Paul Dutton

Friends— I heard the sad news that Jim passed on Sunday, 18 October, but I am heartened that he is on the next adventure!!

Jim or The Brain, as we used to call him, had a great influence on all the young game rangers hand-picked by Ian Player to work in the iMfolozi and other Game Reserves in KZN.  He certainly influenced and enriched my life immensely.  He book knowledge and field experience complemented Ian Player in the creation of the wilderness concept, and in developing Operation Rhino.  Jim was the one who  brought Tony Harthoorn into Operation Rhino, the start of the development of using immobilizing drugs in the field that allowed  capture and translocation of rhino….opening an entire new era in saving wildlife.

Jim was a walking encyclopaedia who generously shared the knowledge he gleaned from all his reading.  Jim was also very observant and discovered many archaelogical sites in iMfolozi.  He also made the fascinating link between old Zulu homesteads that cleared the bush and subsequently provided important grazing areas for White Rhino.

Hamba Khale,  Mabekapanzi!! (The One Who Looks on the Ground…as Jim was always looking at the ground for evidence of primitive land use and cultures in iMfolozi)


Love, strength, onward!!


Paul Dutton Mahlomeka   (The One who Runs Around Like a Blue-Assed Fly)

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