Please Save iMfolozi


Photo by Vanessa Meyer

A letter by Shirley  Stevenson

As a unique and stunningly beautiful area of conservation, Imfolosi is too valuable in global terms to be lost to temporary material gains, especially taking into account the views of wildlife experts and the local people who will be  most affected.

The result of one glorious day spent in Imfolosi in 1995 has led to my consequently spending 56 weeks in South Africa with a further 88weeks by those who have accompanied me or followed my recommendations to visit the country, 144 weeks of tourism in total from one day’s experience.

The value of Imfolosi cannot be measured in financial terms but in the long term, the material gains from tourism to South Africa, its conservation areas and its people might well exceed those of mining, remembering that back in our own countries we support your export trade buying your wines, fruit, books etc. more extravagantly than had we never seen the place for ourselves.




  1. Flick Hamilton

    Please set up a petition for us to sign!

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