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By Rob Symons

As I write this mid-November 2016, we have not heard anything from iButho Coal or the Department of Mineral Resources in connection with the proposed open cast coal mine in Fuleni on the border of the iMfolozi Wilderness area. The situation has not changed much since this post was published in September this year.

The Fuleni community report however, that there is still activity by the “consultants” for iButho Coal in the area so we must be vigilant.

There has also been an application for a bridge over the Umfolozi River near to the mine affected area that has raised the suspicions of the community. The size and cost of the bridge are disproportionate to the professed intent of it being a convenience to communities on either side of the river.

I am conscious that because of the lack of news and events, the quantity of posting on this website and on social media has become sparse. I appeal to all our supporters and followers to please send me material, whether it be articles or photographs, that I could publish on this site. My email address is

Please keep supporting the Save our iMfolozi Wilderness campaign to save Africa’s oldest wilderness area, and the Fuleni communities, from the polluting horror of the proposed Fuleni mine.

Below are some of the images that that have appeared on our site since May 2014 when this website was launched. Enjoy!

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