Asina Loyiko: United against Corporate Bullying

Asina Loyiko (We do not fear): United against Corporate Bullying, is a joint advocacy campaign launched on 28 May by civil society organisations to protect our hard-won rights to freedom of expression and legitimate political protest. One of the aims is to counter the use of SLAPP lawsuits by corporates. SLAPP – or strategic litigation against public participation – is used to intimidate and silence critics and opponents of corporate interests. The Mining sector is particularly fond of this tactic. The Australian mining company MRC, has brought defamation cases against activists defending Xolobeni against titanium mining. In Somkhele, Tendele Coal Mining has threatened the Global Environmental Trust with a defamation suit.

GET (Global Environmental Trust) joins the Centre for Environmental Rights, Right2Know, Open Secrets, Oxfam South Africa, Sustaining the Wild Coast, Amadiba Crisis Committee, Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), the Public Service Accountability Monitor, Natural Justice , CorruptionWatch and groundWork, in supporting Asina Loyiko.

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