A message from Mama Khuluse

 Mama Khuluse

A message from Mama Khuluse to hundreds of guests who attended her  80th birthday in Ocilwane, Fuleni, on 30 July 2022:

“Even if I turn 100, I will be ready to march or toyi toyi against any mining proposal whenever it is needed ….  With my whole heart I do not want mining in Fuleni ….”

Mama Khuluse has been actively engaged in opposing prospecting and mining applications since 2014, when Ibutho Coal made its bid to mine the Fuleni reserve. She is a member of MCEJO and has participated in numerous marches and protests. Her late husband was a Wesleyan minister. Central to Mama Khuluse’s belief is caring for the Earth and all of creation. She has witnessed first hand the destruction and devastation caused by Tendele’s open coal mine in neighbouring Somkhele and is vehemently opposed to mining.

Mama Khuluse’s 80th birthday in Ocilwane, Fuleni.

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