Campaigning against coal in KZN (Video)

This is a video made in Zulu to inform the Fuleni community of the experience of living next to a coal mine. It recounts the real situation faced by the communities around the Somkhele mine. Subtitles are in English

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Wilderness Rhino

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This is the image that is now displayed on our new T shirts (more in a later post).  It was created by Thomas Youens, the young son of Kirsten Youens, our Save our Wilderness attorney.
Thomas wanted to help the campaign in some way and, being very artistic, he offered to design the logo for us. He decided to design something that incorporated the concept that rhinos are unable to survive without their habitat – hence the combination of wilderness and rhino in one.


Zulu Wilderness: Shadow and Soul: A video

Tribute by Ronit Shapiro Rakovitzky, CEO and Founder of ‘One Nature Films’, producing the film ‘Zulu Wilderness: Shadow and Soul’ to celebrate the life of Ian Player and his friend and mentor Magqubu Ntombela. “Africa had soul, and my own soul was linked to it. In the wild places that…

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