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Jacques Nortje
Please stop this nonsense!

Can’t we all get along?

garth fouche
It is really a shame what is being done to our wildlife in this country. Although not a specialist I have gained a fair amount of knowledge about animals and birds through stamp collecting. The main themes being animals (mammals, marine life, reptiles, etc). From doing research into each species it has come to my attention that their habitat, which their is little of is being destroyed by humans, thus the major decline in numbers of certain species never mind the inhumane poaching taking place today. Yes, I am called a “bunny hugger” and proud thereof. Obviously I am not blind to the fact that culling of certain species must take place. It is very sad that certain people are oblivious to the impact this mining will have on the ecology system. I hope the plans are scrapped and never to return. Regards and good luck with your campaign. Garth Fouche. Harrismith.

Karen van Tonder
Please save our wilderness! With good planning more jobs can be created over a longer time frame than 30 years in the tourism industry!

ross ewels
Stop the insanity!

Andre du Plessis
Stop the rape of all wilderness!

Jakes de Clercq
Do not allow this

Liz Ceruti
Show you care. Please sign. !

These animals have roamed the face of this earth for much longer than man has been here, its time they get their rights, their piece of land!!!!

Driekie Zietsman
How much more do the megalomaniacs in this country want? When is enough enough?

Dorrien Tissiman
I was last in Mfalozi some four years ago and I was again reminded of the beauty and prestige of this wild life sanctuary. It should be seen as a shrine to the preservation of the environment for the the people of Kwazulu and South Africa.
Mining within its boundries is not an option!
Let us all stand together and make sure this does not happen

Dave and Heidi Duncan
Absolutely no mining in this pristine wilderness area. Are they mad to even think of it? Or so corrupt that nothing at all is sacred anymore. We are absolutely against mining in Mfalozi. Heidi and Dave Duncan Langebaan

J Louw
NO to any mining !!!

John Hallett
My parents took me to Umfolozi game reserve when I was four years old. I am now 66 and I have been there again hundreds of times. I still get a smile on my face ever time I go there to see how nature re-acts with the animals, reptiles, plants and the rivers. I am sure many other people from all parts of the world enjoy this sacred place as much as I do.

Thank you. Every WLS Guide,HGR/UGR Park guide, official, volunteer worker and the general public for your support. We NEED your support in this very sensitive issue. Please pass the word on to every one you know not only in South Africa but the rest of the world.

Rosemary Falcon
My husband, family and I wish to submit the strongest possible objection to the application to open an opencast strip mine operation in the Imfolozi Wilderness Reserve. The idea of desecrating an animal sanctuary and wilderness area which has become an exceptionally important and unique educational and environmental institution is abhorrent and totally unacceptable in the extreme. Quite apart from ruining a vital educational sector, this would lead to unacceptably high explosions which would reverberate over many mines due to regular blasting, high environmental issues including water contamination (acid mine drainage which would lead into the Umgeni), dust and trace element pollution from the coal mined in that area, untoward stripping of pristine land which would be flattened with unsightly discard dumps emitting smoke and particulate emissions, and the transport of such coal products would mean multiple heavy road trucks which would ruin the roads in the vicinity (as they have in Mpumalanga) and these would contribute additional air pollution from the diesel and petrol fumes they emit to say nothing of increasing the traffic in the area.
The mining of coal is a dirty and unsightly practice and should under NO circumstances be allowed anywhere near a wilderness sanctuary. Please accept this strongest possible objection from people who are well aware of the vagaries and problems related to coal mining.
Rosemary and Lionel Falcon
Professor R Falcon & L Falcon, retired Consulting Engineer,
University of the Witwatersrand

Roy Montague Wallace
stop them from destroying that which is precious – no more anthracite needed
No way
stop it from taking place
no more
protect wildlife
spoiling the beautiful nature should be stopped
RSA should be more conservative
Use the show
it cannot happen
Stop the rape of wilderness

Joan Thompson
No this should no be allowed.

Gerrie Heymans
Absolutely no way! This will destroy its beauty!

I think it is disgusting to even contemplate mining there. Please lodge my strongest objection.

Alan Burke
This is insane it cannot be allowed to go ahead,we are supposed to be preserving our wildlife parks which are part of our heritage

A. Schroder
How much more heritage and nature do we want to lose?

Braam Malherbe
The Wilderness Leadership School I attended in 1974 changed my life. I have chained countless others since and continue to do so. ‘Wilderness’ is vital and the last bastion to our connectedness to our only home.
As the International Ambassador for the Wilderness Leadership School I make a profound commitment in writing here:
“I, Braam Malherbe, will not allow this mining atrocity to happen. I commit to do all in my power to ensure that it does not”.
I have commenced an action campaign and ask that this be posted far and wide. The campaign will be posted on my FB Page: Braam Malherbe – Extreme Conservationist on Tue 13 May 2014.
Please join and # DOT Do One Thing to be part of the solution!

jennifer verbeek
No to messing around with our pristine wildlife areas. More money for the already wealthy plutocrats and nothing but muck for the rest of us

Tony Webb
Give the wildlife a much needed chance to survive . Too many people now on planet earth.

lesley Parolis
Please leave our Wilderness alone. Once it has been destroyed it can never be revived. Our children deserve to enjoy their wilderness heritage.

Douglas Mitchell Hendry
Is this another Government means to enrich their “pals”, or perhaps yet another incursion by Chinese interests? It must not be allowed to happen. If anyone is supid enough to give it the go-ahead, it is up to the people to stop it.

eileen cheevers
This can not happen near iMfolozi one of the very special game reserves – reason i go to SA

Dr. J. A. Hegarty
The Directors & Shareholders have one objective and saving iMfolosi is not it! Stop the rape of the wilderness, by greed!


Please sign our petition and say NO to the Fuleni Anthracite project.

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  2. let’s get #SaveOurUmfolozi on twitter. we don’t need an overbuilt country side. they must be stopped! #LoveEarth it’s important. the people here love to keep it natural. Let’s help them keep the land they inherited from their forefathers c’mon.

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