Concerns over new Eteza junction


By Tamlyn Jolly

Zululand Observer

PROLONGED construction on a major interchange at Eteza on the N2 has got some people concerned over the reason for such a large junction, with its associated buildings.

Speculation has been rife over the need for such a large junction and, since the recent erection of brick buildings at the roadside, there have been murmurings of a new toll gate and concerns that the interchange will be used by mine trucks for the proposed Fuleni mine.

‘The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is not constructing a toll plaza at Eteza but is constructing an interchange and overload control centre,’ said Ravi Ronny, SANRAL Eastern Region Design & Construction Manager, in a statement. ‘The interchange is primarily intended to provide access to heavy vehicles from the N2 into the overload control facility. The overload control centre will monitor heavy vehicles to ensure they are not overloaded, as well as undertake road worthiness checks. This will assist in reduced damage to roads and road safety risk’. Ronny went on to say the interchange has got nothing to do with mining.

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